RCA 9″ Dual Screen Mobile DVD Player


<p>Take your entertainment on the road with the RCA 9" Dual Screen Mobile DVD Player. Designed specifically for car travel, this system is comprised of one 9" LCD screen with built-in DVD player and one 9" LCD monitor that can be connected to the DVD player’s AV output (AV cable included). Setup is quick and easy: just attach each screen to the back of the front seat headrests. Kids don’t want to watch a movie? No big deal with this portable DVD player. You can use the system’s AV outputs to connect to video game systems, camcorders and other AV products. Driver doesn’t feel like listening to the movie? Just connect headphones (not included) to the built-in headphone jacks to contain the noise. Electronic skip protection ensures the movie plays smoothly. Also included with this RCA Dual-Screen DVD Player is a dual car output adapter, as well as a mounting kit for easy installation.</p>

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<b>For a Limited Time Offer Movie Bundle <a href="http://www.walmart.com/ip/RCA-9-Dual-Screen-Mobile-DVD-Player-Bundle-with-Bonus-DVD/43524156" target="top">Click Here</a></b><b>RCA 9" Dual Screen Mobile DVD Player:</b><br><ul><li>Plays DVDs, CDs and JPEGs</li><li>DVD player with 9" LCD screen</li><li>Additional 9" LCD screen for dual-screen viewing</li><li>Electronic skip protection for smooth playback</li><li>Dual-output car power adapter</li><li>AV cable for connection of additional LCD screen</li><li>Headrest mounting straps</li><li>Full-function remote control, battery included</li><li>Built-in speakers</li><li>RCA dual screen DVD player is equipped with headphone jacks for private listening</li><li>AV output jacks</li></ul>


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