Omar Martin Interview

Omar Martin Interview

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Editor: If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to make a huge career change in order to make it big in online marketing, then you are going to love this. Omar Martin has an amazing story to tell, about how the events of September 11th, 2001 made him reassess his priorities in life.
Now, on September 11th, he lost good friends that day, and he decided to upstate New York, where he’s working in medicine alongside the New York Fire Department to move down to Orlando, Florida.
These days, Omar runs a successful online business together with his wife, Melinda. And I hope you’re as excited as I am to find out more all about that, Omar, it’s a real pleasure to meet you.

Omar Martin: Thank you very much. I appreciate you having me on.

Editor: Well, I guess for those who haven’t come across you before, perhaps you could tell us a little bit more about your story. And what inspired you to become an online marketer.

Omar Martin: Well, for me, it was culture shock, doing any marketing or any sales, my formal education was in medicine, and I was studying to be a physician. I graduated medical school in 1996, I was working for the New York City Fire Department, as a paramedic, I really loved what I did. But frankly, I just wasn’t happy.
It’s the type of work where it really takes a special individual, especially where I chose to work. It was, the busiest one of if not the busiest, 911 system on the planet.

And you go from the worst moments in people’s lives, to the next worst moment in somebody’s life, to the next over and over again. And your day is just filled with all these jobs. And, in spite of all that I was very good at what I did.

Omar Martin: But it’s a very unappreciated job. And, you’re a moving target for a very low salary, low wage, and mostly unappreciated, especially back then. But I think the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, was September 11th. Like I said, I was already, wondering is this really what I meant to do for the rest of my life?

And, the events of September 11th, it wasn’t yeah, I lost my best friend and partner, I wasn’t working, by the way, I wasn’t on duty when this happened. But, not in a way makes it even harder, right?

But it was devastating. It wasn’t just my partner, Dave, that died. But it was 343 brothers and sisters from the New York City Fire Department. So, I reevaluated things. And frankly, that was the event that, made me decide that I’m never going to go back to medicine.

Omar Martin: I’m going to find ways of helping people, find ways of maybe making this planet a little bit better place than I found it. But it’s going to have to be outside of risking my life physically every day. And, that’s where my journey started, to find something else. So I had to put my pride and my education in my back pocket, and I had to start looking for something to do.

When I came to Florida, from New York, it was culture shock, because I just had to find a way to make some money. And upon arriving here, I just, I only had about 200 bucks in my pocket, didn’t know where I was going to stay where I’m pretty much all my possessions, were in the trunk of my car.

Omar Martin: And I just picked a paper, got a newspaper and picked an ad, and went on a job interview. And I was interviewed by this beautiful woman, and I didn’t want to come back for the job to be honest, the job was door to door sales. It was horrible. But it was she was very beautiful woman, and I got the job obviously. And I ended up marrying that very beautiful woman who today helps me run is still my boss today. She was my boss. And that is my beautiful wife, Melinda, who is the CEO of our company today.

Editor: Fantastic. I mean, it’s an amazing story to hear that you went from, the awful events of September 11th. And that was the catalyst that propelled you forward into almost a new life, I guess, for want-

Omar Martin: Yes.

Editor:Of a better description. And you mentioned, you lost your good friend, Dave, on that dreadful day.
Would you say that’s been a catalyst for you, in terms of driving you forward and giving you that desire to succeed?
Omar Martin: Oh! Man, absolutely. You see with Dave in particular, he had dreams man, you ride so you spent so many hours working with somebody in the ambulance or your partner, you get into a lot of stuff together. You come really close, and Dave had dreams man.
Dave, unlike myself, Dave was a very physically fit guy.
He was very athletic. He was and his dream was to own a gym.
He wanted to own a business, but his idea was to make it an entire little strip mall where it was a spa, it was a gym, it was like a whole health and fitness centre where, you can come in and it was just, and all of that died that day with him.
That entrepreneurial spirit and that stuff that he wanted to do and he wanted to create so, yeah. In many ways, it was a springboard for me to want to do something else. So yeah, it was, the circumstances of September 11 did in fact, they were, very inspirational.

Editor:Yeah, they went from, as you say, a very sad situation, to getting you into the position where you met the love of your life. And then look how that turned out in terms of your business.
So, it just goes to show to, you need to keep the faith, I guess. Now, we chatted with John Thornhill recently, and he told us how you said to him, “Tell me what to do John. And I’ll do it.”
So, I guess he was your mentor. Is that right?

Omar Martin: Yeah, John and I have become the best of friends.
I mean, if it wasn’t for John, I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have found something to do.
I made a decision a long time ago that I was going to be successful, and that I was going to find something to do that can help others.
And, John just happened to be the person in the path when it came to internet marketing.

And it came to it’s actually a pretty interesting story. But when I met John, he was offering this coaching program.
And, he was very good at what he did. But for the very first time, he was about to start teaching others.
And I was in that first class of his and I was, frankly, I was just enamored by the concept that you can make money on the internet, it was so completely different than anything I’ve ever done.

Omar Martin: Remember, I was in medical, I was from the mentality from the old school way of thinking was like, “You have to put in your dues, you have to go to school, get an education, put tonnes and tonnes of years, and years in university.

If you want to have something that pays you really well.” The doctors, the lawyers, those are the guys that make the big money, and I can’t, I grew up thinking that. And then, I’m introduced to the concept that wow! You can actually make really good money from home doing stuff on the computer.
And back then, it was very new, the whole thing to me, and I was just enamoured with the concept. And John was really good at what he did.

So, when I saw that I could learn the process from him. I instantly tell guys I was convinced, once I discovered exactly what he was doing, I was convinced that I was going to be an internet millionaire I was like, “Okay, that’s it.” And I just, I had no problem telling them. I was like, “Hey, man, I’m going to be your best most successful student like ever.” Like, “I’m going to get better at this than you.” I didn’t say that. At the time, but I definitely thought it, and you know what? Here we are, at the time that this interview took place, it’s been 13 years.

And, we John and I are the best of friends. I mean, he’s flown here to the states many times. He has a drawer in our guest room that has his own clothes in it. So, we’ve just become, great friends. And we’ve done products together and we’ve partnered up we were actual partners, we have a bank account together and we’ve done amazing things, and we’ve been able to help countless other people 1000s of other people as well as a result.

Editor: And how did you guys meet? What was the product that you purchased?

Note from the editor:

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