Kevin Fahey Interview

Kevin Fahey Interview

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Hello and welcome. Joining us today is an online marketer who is arguably one of the most prolific publishers of information in the world today. Kevin Fahey is originally from Kildare in Ireland, but these days he lives in Mallorca, the largest, and arguably most famous, of the Balearic Islands just off the coast of Spain. I guess, you could say Kevin genuinely does live the internet marketer lifestyle, working from a laptop on a beach. Kevin Fahey, welcome to the show.

Kevin Fahey:

Well, as I mentioned in the introduction, you’ve made a big name for yourself in information marketing. So maybe I can ask you to start by telling us a little bit more about your background.

Kevin Fahey:
So basically I moved to Majorca when I was 18 years old and I started working in bars and disco bars for around five years. To make a long story short, I realised that working in the tourist industry was probably not the best way to go to have a secure life in order to afford nice things in your life. We actually only had work and we only had income for six months of the year. We used to make good money in six months, but what I always noticed is come January or February the following year, when we’d been, you can say, out of work for three months, the money begins to run out. So you always seem to struggle in the winter. And at that time I actually had a girlfriend and I wanted to start to settle down a little bit in that sense.

So I’ve always been looking for ways to make extra money, ways to start businesses and stuff like that. So I turned to internet marketing and you could say for the first six months, I really, really struggled.

My girlfriend at the time and our friends were saying, “Why is Kevin spending 12 to 16 hours a day sitting in front of the computer and he might only make $50 a week?” I think a lot of people can relate to that as well.

So if you’ve been in that situation or you’re in that situation, this story might help you a little bit.

Six months later, my online business was generating around $2,000 per month. Actually, during that summer, I took up another job and I was paid around $1,800 a month. I happened to quit that job in September. It worked out very good for the business owner and it worked out very good for me.

During those months I used to work in the bar from 4:00 PM until around 2:00 AM in the morning. I would go home then at 2:00 AM in the morning, I would work on the computer until maybe six o’clock in the morning. I would go to sleep. I’d wake up around noon, work two or three hours on the computer and head back to my normal job. And that was a requirement in order to get my online business generating more than my nine to five job. And it’s what allowed me to quit my job.

So with that, I’ve always felt so much freedom in my life. It actually gives me goosebumps thinking about it. And the next month, October, the business was generating $3,000. The next month, $4,000, $5,000. In January, the next year, it’s up to $10,000. And I think in March the following year, it was up to around $16,000. And that was 13 years ago basically, in 2007 when I started.

Since then, my business has increased at a steady rate every single month. I know a lot of marketers come out there and they make a million dollars in their first year or they come along and have a hundred thousand dollars a month. Some of them continue to grow and grow and grow. Some of them disappear or just get lost in their business or go off and do something else, whatever it may be.

But I’m very happy with our business consistency, that it’s just steadily increasing and increasing. Our highest month basically was around $63,000. And for the past 10 years, probably the first five years was between $15,000 to $25,000 per month. The past few years we were between $30,000 and $50,000 per month. So it’s just a massive, massive change.

So let’s get back to when I was mentioning the girlfriend and her friends were saying, “What’s Kevin doing by the computer?” Well, if you move forward, 12 months later, you could see the lifestyle changes, the income, everything like that. All those negative things would have went away and there would have been no more nagging. There would’ve been a lot more smiling in that sense. So that’s how I got into internet marketing.

For the first three years, I spent a lot of time building my email list, which I highly recommended everyone do. Back then we used solo ads as a traffic source. It does not work as good now, but every single month I was investing between $5,000 and $10,000 into traffic.

As I said, I was making good numbers, but sometimes the profit margin at that time would have been only around 30%, which was very, very happy. I was happy in that sense because I was building my business every single day. I ended up building a list of over 261,000 subscribers. And that was at my very, very peak. I used to buy solo ads, but I also used to sell solo ads as an income stream as well.

Now, what I like to say it happened in that case, you could say the ass fell out of the industry. You could say five years later, around 2013/2014, there was hundreds of people selling solo ads. There was hundreds of people buying solo ads and the people that were subscribed to these email lists were getting 200, 300, 400 emails every single day from all of these marketers. Our click through rate was less than 1% and the numbers were actually not working out as well as they used to. I could come along and spend $5,000 on traffic, and I might have half of the subscribers already. Sales would not be as high as they used to be.

So that was a massive change in the business for me. A lot of people left the industry, a lot of people went on to e-comm. A lot of people went on to other things. What I focused on then was, I got into rather than just buying and selling email addresses. I thought, there has to be more to this industry. There has to be value if you want to actually grow. My mentality is I want to be around in 20, 30, 40 years time doing the exact same thing, selling information marketing products, and your reputation is important.

So I switched my business model to providing more value and more quality all the way through and actually creating products that solve solutions. One of our first products was where we set up funnels for people and we give them 20 one time offers. Back then it was a massive, massive, success. There was no page builders like ClickFunnels or Optimised Press or Thrive Themes. Everything was done in HTML. That’s how we worked. And we’re able to provide that solution for people.

So from there, I have continued to launch products. I’ve continued to launch membership sites. I’ve ran numerous coaching programmes. We just continued to more or less the same thing from that initial switch.

Editor: So you’ve definitely been busy then. Now you live in Majorca. I have to ask, do you spend most of your spare time sipping cocktails by the sea?

Kevin Fahey:

It’s changed a lot over the years. 10, 12 years ago, we used to get home at six o’clock in the morning. As we got older, we used to get home around three o’clock in the morning, and now I’ve got a four year old daughter and a one-year-old daughter so things have completely changed. We’re usually in bed by midnight, but on a normal day, sometimes I have a lot of work to do. I have eight hours work to do, and I have no problem putting in the hours. And other days I might only have 20 minutes or an hours work to do. I’m not really a person to lie on the couch all day or watch TV or play games on the computer or anything like that. I like to be as productive as possible.

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